7 Great Bars to Try This Winter in Wausau WI

As you might expect from a state whose pro baseball team is called the “Brewers,” beer is deeply embedded into Wisconsin’s culture and history, going backs to its days as a territory in the early 1800s when an influx of German immigrants put their indelible cultural stamp on the future state. So Wausau WI, like any city in Wisconsin, embodies that tradition with a collection of first-rate breweries, brewpubs, wineries, and spirits emporiums. In a time when many landmark event centers are closed, these places have persevered.

The best place to begin and end each day of draft and distilled discoveries is at our Wausau Boutique Hotel. The top-rated Stewart Inn, close to the center of Wausau WI, combines old Midwest charm with all the luxury amenities our guests could want or need. So plan a “Wausome” getaway this winter to enjoy some good food and drink — and start your planning by booking your room at our Wausau Hotel today!

6 Great Reasons to Visit Granite Park Ski Area This Winter

In a year of uncertainty, one thing stays the same: Granite Peak Ski Area is opening for another season of winter fun on the Wisconsin slopes. While most of the Wausau location’s runs and features will be ready for skiers and snowboarders, things will look a little different, at least at first, and of course, COVID-19 precautions for skier safety will be part of what Granite Peak personnel call a season of “challenges never before undertaken by the ski industry.”

But the snow show will go on, and so will the best place to begin and end each day of delights on the slopes: our Wausau Hotel. Our romantic Inn, situated in the heart of Wausau’s Andrew Warren Historic District, is conveniently close to Granite Peak Ski Area. So make your plans for winter fun in Wausau — there’s a reason they call it “Wausome!” — and buy your Granite Peak season tickets and lift tickets right away.  Once you’ve done that, reserve your room today at our Boutique Wausau Hotel!

Hit the Ice With the Wausau Curling Club for Winter Fun

Have you ever watched — or even participated in — the unique winter sport of curling? The Wausau Curling Club is a great way to get up close and personal with this quirky sport as it grows in popularity. As we segue into the last half of fall, we’re starting to think about all of the wonderful things to do in Wausau when the snow starts falling.  It’s a busy and fun time to be in Wausau, especially if you’re into curling. It’s a little-known fact that Wausau is home to more curling clubs than anywhere else in the state of Wisconsin, as well as the oldest and most active of curling clubs in the state.

You can be part of a league participating in regional bonspiels (just contact the Wausau Curling Club on Facebook under “Wausau Curling Members”). Or you can just watch this game of strategy unfold during the upcoming season. Either way, consider staying with us at our Wausau Boutique Hotel. Book your room at our boutique hotel in Wausau today

The Best Weekend Getaway in the Midwest This Winter

As you contemplate a fall stay at the historic and luxurious Stewart Inn, the best weekend getaway in the Midwest, use it as an opportunity to look ahead to a winter getaway with us as well. Winter in Wausau, Wisconsin means skiing and snowboarding fun at Granite Peak Ski Area, where season passes are on sale at the early-bird rate through the end of September.

Fall or winter, each day or fun starts and ends at our top-rated boutique hotel, which is just a few hours but a relaxing world away from Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Green Bay, Bayfield, La Crosse, Eau Claire and Chicago. Book your fall and winter stays today at our well-regarded Midwest getaway!

These are the BEST Things to do in Wausau This Fall!

2020  has been a rather different year than most here in Wausau, but even so, we’re looking forward to a glorious fall ahead.  Fall will soon be knocking on our door at Stewart Inn, and with it will come a stunningly vibrant display of Wisconsin’s best fall colors. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Wausau this fall, especially as the annual display of fall colors comes into focus, then you need to start planning your getaway to our luxury hotel in downtown Wausau.

Fall is a season we look forward to every year here in Wisconsin. Though there are plenty of delightful places from which to see the most vibrant of falls colorful displays, there are none quite so magical as here in Wausau. Moreover, there is an incredible range of things to do in Wausau in the fall! After a day of exploring the area, whether by bike, on foot, in a boat, or behind the wheel, the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The season will be over before we know it, so book your room at our incredible Wausau hotel today!

3 Frank Lloyd Wright Houses to Stay in

If you’re a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s beautiful architectural style, then there are a number of places in Wisconsin you should find the time to visit.  In fact, there are even some Frank Lloyd Wright houses, like the Seth Peterson Cottage, that you can stay in.  These homes stand as a true testament to Frank Lloyd Wright, who is known as being as prolific and unorthodox as he was masterful and revered for his work. Staying in one of these houses is truly an unprecedented experience, and offers the singular opportunity to experience these homes as they were meant to be.

Though some of these Frank Lloyd Wright houses are impeccable, there are several other historic homes in Wisconsin worth seeing and experiencing, such as the Stewart Inn, which was designed and built by George Maher, a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright. Our in was built in 1906 and stands as one of the most complete examples of Maher’s architecture in the country. Inside, you’ll find that the chandeliers, stained glass windows, sconces, the fireplace mosaic, and the woodwork are original and in near perfect condition.

At the Stewart Inn, we pride ourselves not just on maintaining the historic integrity and elegance of this building, but also in providing exceptional hospitality to those who choose to stay here. As you make your way from one Frank Lloyd Wright house to the next, don’t miss your opportunity to stay at one of Wisconsin’s finest Bed and Breakfasts.  Book your room today!

Discover One of the Most Romantic Getaways in Wisconsin

Right now, typical summer travel is looking a little different than before, with more people staying close to home and choosing smaller properties.  We’re a small boutique hotel located in the small, yet charming town of Wausau. If you’re looking for one of the most romantic getaways in Wisconsin, you’ve found it.  The ambiance of our luxury Inn is perfect for those romantic moments and special occasions you may have coming up, and Wausau offers a delightful change of pace and scenery.

Wausau is pretty easy to get to from most parts of Wisconsin, and even Minnesota.  We’re about 4 hours from Chicago, 3 hours away from Milwaukee and Minneapolis/St. Paul, 2 hours from Madison, and just 90 minutes from Green Bay and Door County. One relatively short drive, and all of the incredible sights and sounds of Wausau, not to mention one of the most romantic getaways in Wisconsin, will be waiting for you.  Book your room at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast today!

Things to do at Rib Mountain State Park This Summer

Rib Mountain State Park is home to the famous Granite Peak Ski Area, and is, at least in part, responsible for putting the incredible town of Wausau on the map.  But, did you know that a visit to Rib Mountain State Park is just as great during the summer and fall months as it is winter?  It’s true!  The added bonus of vising this incredible Wisconsin State Park, of course, is the chance to stay at the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel and to get to know the charms of Wausau itself.

Wausau really is an incredible town, and certainly one of Wisconsin’s hidden gems.  So many people travel through the area on their way to other more well-known places.  So this summer, give yourself the chance to stop and stay for a while and get to know this ruggedly beautiful town with us.  Book your room at the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel today!

10 Socially Distant Things to do in Wausau This Summer

With everything closed down right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know things like summer getaways can feel pretty far off.  However, Wisconsin State Parks are opening to the public again on May 1, and that prospect has us all excited about all of the great things to do in Wausau that you can enjoy this summer. We think you’re going to need somewhere to get away after these weeks of isolation, and we’re hoping Wausau, and our boutique hotel, in particular, will be your destination of choice.

Wausau, a charming town surrounded by nature, has been named the “Best Place to Experience the Outdoors” by Wisconsin Trail Magazine. Outdoor enthusiasts truly love it here, and it’s a great place to continue practicing social distancing, while still getting away from home and enjoying a change in scenery. The Stewart Inn, Wausau’s most luxurious boutique hotel, is happy to host you this summer.  Book your summer getaway today!

Visit the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum of Art

If you’ve ever seen the sensational Birds in Art Exhibit that comes to Wausau every September, then you’ve heard of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. Wausau, which has traditionally been considered something of a rugged destination for outdoor lovers and people just passing through, is gradually putting itself on the map as an arts destination. It’s in part thanks to incredible exhibits like the Birds in Art, and museums like the Woodson Museum Art Museum, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, and great venues like the Grand Theater.

We think Wausau is underrated as a travel destination. It’s definitely a wonderful place for the avid outdoor enthusiasts among us, whether you’re into winter skiing, summer whitewater, or hiking, biking, and birdwatching in between. This small town also has a surprising array of big-city amenities, like incredible restaurants, excellent choices for lodging, like our boutique hotel, and world-class museum and other attractions.

There’s truly something for everyone in Wausau. Come see this incredible town for yourself, and book a room at the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel today.