Get Ready for The Season at Granite Peak Ski Area!

Right now, Granite Peak Ski Area is all about fall foliage hikes and scenic chairlift rides, but give it a few more months, and the 2021-2022 ski season will be in full swing here in Wausau.  We can’t wait!  Though it may seem like it’s a ways away still, now is actually the perfect time to pick up a season’s pass and to make lodging reservations for the upcoming season at Granite Peak Ski Area.

Granite Peak Ski Area is the midwest’s premier destination for downhill skiers and snowboards. The town of Wausau itself is an incredible winter playground, with miles upon miles of cross country ski, snowshoe, and snowmobiling trails nearby. Better yet, Granite Peak Ski Area is just a short drive from Stewart Inn Boutique hotel – and we’re only a few hours from cities like Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Green Bay, Bayfield, La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Chicago.

Wausau really is the perfect winter getaway destination, and now is the best time to pick up your tickets to Granite Peak Ski Area and start planning.  Book your room at Stewart Inn today! You can be here and on the slopes in just a few short hours.

Wisconsin Scenic Drives to Take Near Wausau

Though this year is positively flying by and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed this summer here in Wausau, we are looking forward to the upcoming fall season. From getting outside to enjoy the vast network of Wisconsin scenic drives to hitting the trails and savoring the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the season, there’s plenty to love about fall in Wisconsin.

One of our favorite ways to take in the splendor of fall is by driving, and there’s no shortage of Wisconsin scenic drives near Wausau. To make the most of your adventure this fall, we recommend you start planning early – and of course, include accommodations at our luxury Wausau hotel in your plans. After a day of exploring the incredible beauty of fall in Wausau, the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Book your room today!

Enjoy a Classic Dinner at Pinewood Supper Club in Wisconsin

Enjoying a night out at traditional Wisconsin Supper Clubs is a quintessential Wisconsin experience that we recommend everyone has at least once in their lives.  Luckily, Pinewood Supper Club, one of the top Supper Clubs in the state, isn’t too far away.  There are a couple of others in the area worth trying if you have the time, too.

While it’s true that Wausau continues to be a premier destination for sports and outdoor adventures of all varieties, it’s also an exceptional cultural destination, with great shopping, arts venues, museums, and restaurants to enjoy.  It’s also home to our extraordinary boutique hotel, Stewart Inn, which is an experience unto itself. Whether you’re driving through the area or coming to Wausau for one of our extraordinary community amenities, we know you’ll have a great time with us.  Book your room at our boutique hotel today. 

Enjoy a Brandy Old Fashioned at Pinewood Supper club in Wisconsin

Step Back in Time at Pinewood Supper Club

If we had to narrow our love of Wausau down to one thing, it would be the fact that underneath the seemingly rugged exterior, there’s a charming city full of surprises. Wausau’s restaurants are certainly no exception and will delight even the pickiest of eaters.  You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for in the Wausau area, including traditional Wisconsin Supper Clubs. The most popular in the area is Pinewood Supper Club.

Like all traditional Wisconsin Supper Clubs, dining at Pinewood Supper Club is a unique and memorable experience.  These Supper Clubs had their beginnings in the Prohibition-era speakeasies of New York City. They offered supper in a nightclub as a cover for the real business of serving illegal booze. The concept quickly caught on, and by the late 1930s, it was a national sensation.

Wisconsin’s supper clubs started as taverns, resorts, and dancehalls. Commonly served dishes were fried chicken and perch, with, of course, a cold pint of beer. As the clubs grew in popularity, their menu morphed into what we know and love today:  someplace that reliably serves a good Friday Fish Fry, a Saturday Prime Rib, and a Sunday broasted chicken and ribs. We can’t forget the signature cocktail of such a place, either:  a hand-muddled brandy old fashioned.

Pinewood Supper Club does this traditional superbly, and it’s a short drive away on the shores of Half Moon Lake in Mosinee. Pinewood Supper Club is ranked the #2 supper club in the state and is certainly one of the most romantic dining venues near Wausau. This delicious Wisconsin staple has been in business since 1974, though it’s located in a building dating back to the early 1900s. The rustic lodge-style interior evokes an authentic Northwoods ambiance and is the perfect place for dinner while you’re in town.

A few of our favorite things to enjoy from this absolute gem include the cracker crusted walleye, the top-notch fish fry, a delicious blackened salmon oscar, the classic relish tray, their perfect old fashioned’s, and their incredible ice cream cocktails, like the Brandy Alexander, Grasshopper, and Golden Cadillac.

2 More Wisconsin Supper Clubs Worth Visiting

Though the Pinewood Supper club is our “go-to” recommendation, there are also two other nearby Wisconsin Supper Clubs that also offer a great experience. Step through the door of the Palms Supper Club and into the 1930s when this restaurant first got its start. The highlight at this supper club is definitely the signature “Roller’s round bar,” named after the club’s original owner. It’s a great place to enjoy cocktails in the historic ambiance.

Sky Club, located nearby in Stevens Point stakes its claim as the first-ever home of the “salad bar,” which they say dates back to 1950. They also have a great bar, with 125 wines (20 served by the glass) to enjoy, which will complement your meal nicely. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the delightful supper club atmosphere you expect.

After dinner at Pinewood Supper Club, relax and unwind at our boutique hotel

The Best Hotel in Wausau

Whether visiting the Pinewood Supper Club or any of the other great restaurants in Wausau, we have no doubt you’ll enjoy your time in Wausau. That’s especially true when you stay with us at Stewart Inn, rated as one of the top hotels in Wisconsin, let alone in Wausau.

Stewart Inn offers gorgeous guest rooms, high-end amenities, exquisite breakfasts, and top-notch hospitality, all within easy walking distance of the best of downtown Wausau.  There’s no place quite like it, but you’ll need to see it for yourself. Book your room at this historic Wausau hotel today!

Residential Architectural Styles: 9 Architects Share Their Predictions

May 6, 2021 by 

Originally published on Redfin

As the pandemic swept across the country, we found ourselves spending more time than ever surrounded by the same four walls of our homes. COVID-19 forced us to do almost everything at home from working and exercising, to schooling and socially distanced gatherings. The pandemic slowly changed what we need out of our homes, and residential architectural styles and trends quickly adapted.

We spoke with 9 expert architects, from Vancouver, CA to Miami, FL, to find out what residential architectural styles they predict you’ll see in popular home styles across the housing market.

Warm woods, natural light, sustainable materials, large windows is a popular architectural style

Multifunctional spaces are on the rise in residential architectural styles

We’re already seeing urban residents transforming their homes to support the multifunctional purpose for working at home. Besides the first rule of my practice – to do more with less space – I’m seeing the design aesthetic reflected in furnishings we select or create for dens/second bedrooms that are also offices, open kitchens central to interactive lifestyles, built-ins that maximize storage in every room and ultimately result in contemporary minimalism.

– Paula McDonald Design Build & Interiors

Floor plans that offer functional, shared spaces with private space for each family member

The pandemic has taught us all to be adaptable and creative to complete our daily tasks, yet stay safe. Our homes must also be more reflective of the more multifunctional purposes they serve and be designed as a place to come together but offer individualized private, functional space for each person living there.

– Dawn Elise Interiors

Building an eco-friendly home in a location you love

After spending the past year in the confines of their older and outdated homes, many of our clients are using Connect Homes to replace their existing house. Instead of entering the national housing frenzy and moving to an unfamiliar new neighborhood, our clients are choosing to build a house they love in a location they love. People are looking for modern homes that have open, bright spaces that are efficiently and sustainably built.

– Connect Homes

This architectural style by Connect Homes is a great example of building a modern home with sustainable materials

Upcoming residential architectural styles will create more space with fewer materials

Post pandemic residential architectural design will feature more diverse spaces in and around the home, public and private spaces will be the norm as we separate our living and working, and we will do more with less material in interesting ways as material costs soar.

– Michael Waechter, AIA, at Waechter Architects

Timeless design that brings joy and inspiration

As people have spent more time in their homes, we have seen a greater appreciation and desire for better residential architectural design. Spaces that are well-proportioned, flow well, oriented to take advantage of views, and natural light and ventilation. These well-designed spaces bring joy to our daily living and enhance, inspire, and enrich our lives. Thoughtful design is timeless and transcends passing trends.

–  Philip “Pip” White, founder and principal at WhiteSpace Architects

Functional design is on the rise rather than what’s trendy

The upcoming trends we see are requests for timeless homes that are healthy, durable, energy-efficient while also being cost-effective. There’s less concern about the current “trend of the day.” Clients want a home that is uniquely theirs, connected to its site and locality, and embracing the opportunities each property brings. We hear more and more about the desire for dwellings to be resilient and adaptable to life’s changes, eventually enabling a dignified aging-in-place for its owners.

– Alan K. Barley, AIA, at Barley Pfeiffer Architecture

This architectural style and design is by Barley Pfieffer Architecture

We’ll embrace smaller indoor spaces and large outdoor areas

I expect that we will react to our shared in-home quarantine experience with both an emphasis on personal privacy within our dwellings, giving us elbow room around our loved ones, and greater demand for spaces that welcome our friends when it is safe to do so. The result may be homes that upend the long-standing indoor “great room” in order to re-engage the public with expansive covered, screened porches for safe outdoor greetings and entertainment, while also providing more individual, user-focused rooms within (more home offices, more private bedrooms, fewer shared bathrooms), in an echo of designs that were common generations ago. While steeply climbing construction costs may limit the sizes of our new homes, or even constrain us to remodeling only, by maximizing space in a smaller house and a robust outdoor area incorporated into the mass of the home, we can accommodate the need for more personal space, whether it’s about social distancing or about sibling rivalry.

– Christopher Clayton, LEED AP at Housecall Architecture PLLC

Expect to see timeless architecture alongside modern design features

World-renowned architects like George Maher and Frank Lloyd Wright created timeless masterpieces that blend old-world craftsmanship with modern design features. Their utilization of open spaces, warm woods, natural light, and organic design elements are as fashionable today as they were nearly 100 years ago. As such, the Stewart Inn offers as much tranquility as it does in warmth and elegance.

– Stewart Inn

Residential architectural styles may only see small changes

Many developers and designers spent a lot of time rethinking both residential and office environments at the start of the pandemic, for good reason. However, many are taking a more cautious and pragmatic approach so as not to move too far off what could be a more normal market by the time new development comes on line.

– David Cheney, Principal, CORE architecture + design

Visit Wausau White Water Park This Summer

Wausau White Water Park is a unique and unforgettable place to check out on your next vacation to this part of Wisconsin! The beautiful town of Wausau is located on the Wisconsin River and therefore makes a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy getting out on the water. Here boating and kayaking is serious fun and a way of life. It is only natural that Wausau was one of the first American communities to adopt the Euopean style of modifying natural waterways to create a place for competitions to occur and people could hone their skills without having to travel far. The result us the incredible Wausau White Water Park.

Let our Wausau lodging be your perfect getaway this summer! We are the best home away from home as you explore all of the fun and interesting things to do in Wausau. Our beautiful and historic Wisconsin boutique hotel is the ideal place to rest and relax. Designed by George Maherand built in 1906, our Wausau bed and breakfast was lovingly restored and much of the Arts and Crafts style architectural details remain. The guest rooms are elegantly appointed yet casual enough for you to feel right at home and to unwind in this beautiful space. If you want the ultimate place for a summer getaway in Wisconsin this summer, book your stay with us today!

The Top Wausau Events To Look Forward To This Summer

Wausau events are coming back this summer! After Covid restrictions caused many events to be canceled for an entire year in 2020, this year should be quite a relief for the city of Wausau. Events bring the community together, support small businesses, and help local non-profits. In Wausau, people can come out and be proud of the town they live in. The decision to move forward with the events for 2021 is a sign of good things to come. While visiting our Wausau bed and breakfast you should be sure to check out some of the events in support of this amazing city and its community.

Let our Wisconsin inn be your idyllic escape to this unique community this summer! Our boutique hotel, designed by George Maher, is an ideal example of the early 1900s Arts and Crafts style of architecture. The historic charm of our inn is well maintained as details are still intact and very much on display. The architecture of the home creates a warm ambiance in both the common areas and in your private guest room. This is the perfect home base as you explore Wausau and the surrounding area this summer. If you want the best place to escape to while visiting this Wisconsin city, book your stay with us today!

Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Wisconsin This Spring

If you are looking for a weekend getaway in Wisconsin, Wausau has everything you are looking for to make it perfect! From incredible dining to museums to reconnecting to nature, there is no shortage of fun things to do here that will help you relax and leave your stresses behind for a few days. The centrally located town of Wausau WI is surrounded by lakes, forests, and hills. The historic downtown includes a beautiful city square. Wausau offers big-city amenities with the look and feel of a small-town. There is always something to see and do here and this kind of weekend getaway is just what you need.

Let our Wausau boutique hotel be the perfect lodging for your weekend getaway here! We are located on the edge of the Andrew Warren Historic District and our 1906 prairie-style mansion was designed by Arts and Crafts architect George Maher. The elegant historic ambiance of our bed and breakfast is seen throughout the inn as much of the original architectural details of the home were kept beautifully intact. You’ll be able to relax and unwind in the tranquil setting of this gorgeous space. If you want the best place to escape to this spring, book your stay with us today!

See Why Wausau WI is the Perfect Weekend Getaway in the Midwest

After a long year, finally Spring has sprung again. It feels like the right time to plan a weekend getaway in the midwest, and Wausau, WI is the perfect location to do just that. We could all use a little time away from home (and the home office for most of us over the past year) and take some time to relax, rejuvenate and explore a new place. Here, we’d like to detail why Wausau is a great place for a weekend getaway in the midwest.

Wausau has everything that you need for a quick weekend getaway in the midwest. If you have the means to prolong your stay into the workweek, we also have amazing accommodations for those traveling for business or a work-from-homer who needs a change of scenery. We make it so easy for you to work from here with our complimentary meeting room and flexible check-in/out times. Though everyone deserves a getaway in the midwest to reset!

When you stay at our Wausau boutique hotel you’ll feel a world away from your everyday grind. That starts in our luxury guest suites—each outfitted with a steam shower and ultra comfortable beds. Most have a fireplace for a perfect, private evening in your room. Thankfully, our location to downtown Wausau gives you incredible options for dining, shopping and outdoor activities all nearby. Book your room at our Wausau hotel today!

Our Hotel is Perfect for Romantic Getaways in Wisconsin

We’ve talked a lot about skiing at Granite Peak Ski Area this winter, and even getting out on the trails around Wausau for some cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  But did you also know Wausau is one of the most romantic getaways in Wisconsin, especially when you choose to lodge at someplace special like our historic & luxurious boutique hotel?

If you’re looking for someplace cozy and romantic to curl up and enjoy some alone time this winter, let us introduce you to Wisconsin’s #1 rated boutique hotel. There’s a reason Wausau can be considered one of the most romantic getaways in Wisconsin, and it starts right here at Stewart Inn. Here, it’s all about the small details that we tend to daily, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the time away. There may be a lot of places to stay in Wausau, but none that give you the same romantic ambiance of Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel!

If you don’t yet understand why Wausau is such a wonderful place for romantic getaways in Wisconsin, come visit us this winter and let us show you the ways! In part, it’s the many fun things to do in Wausau, where you’ll enjoy 4-seasons of fun. But there’s more to Wausau than just fun adventure. There’s a delightful historic ambiance to the town of Wausau itself, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all this area has to offer.

Our Wausau hotel is beloved by all through travel through these doors. Book your room at our Wausau hotel today, and enjoy the most romantic getaways in Wisconsin.

Stay at Our Wausau Boutique Hotel – Top Rated in the State!

Wausau, Wisconsin is known as “Wausome!” — and one of the top reasons is that it’s home to the Stewart Inn, our Wausau Boutique Hotel, and the top-rated Wisconsin hotel. Why? Because our Wausau Boutique Hotel is as beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious inside and out — and you’ll want to marvel at its exterior, in the heart of the Andrew Warren Historic District, for quite a while before you step inside this lovingly restored 1906 Prairie-style mansion that’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

Inside, in our spacious and gorgeous common areas, you’ll be stunned by virtually every aspect of famed architect George Maher’s creation, from its original chandelier sconces, decorative fireplaces, and stained-glass windows. And that’s all before you get to our five breathtaking guest rooms, which are as loaded with historic charm as they are with modern amenities. And that’s all before we get into the vast array of romantic-getaway packages, discount specials, and enhancement our Wausau Hotel has to offer.

This winter, plan in some of that much-needed “you” time, and book your stay at our #1 rated Wausau Boutique Hotel today!