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10 Things to Enjoy During Summer Vacation in Wausau

If you are looking for a place to plan your summer vacation, you should consider Wausau, Wisconsin. Wausau is surrounded by woods, lakes, and hills and was previously named, “Best Place to Experience the Outdoors” by Wisconsin Trail magazine. Below, you will find 10 fun and adventurous things to do on your summer vacation that […]

Upcoming Winter Sports in Wausau

Wausau, Wisconsin is an absolute gem of a vacation destination, even during these chilly winter months–perhaps especially during these chilly winter months! There are a variety of winter sports to enjoy each year during the Badger State Winter Games, which run January through March.  Not only that, but Wausau is home to an incredible curling […]

Badger State Winter Games

Wausau, touted as Wisconsin’s best place to play in the snow, is an incredibly popular winter destination.  Wausau’s dedication to winter sports is on display each year, during the increasingly popular Badger State Winter Games.  Do you have plans to come to the Wausau area for the popular Badger State Winter Games? If not, you should. […]