Spring Bird Watching in Wausau

bird watching in WausauThose of us who live here or have experienced the rugged charm of Wausau, Wisconsin know that it should rank as one of the top outdoors destinations in the midwest. There are so many incredible outdoor spaces and options for recreation here. Wausau is also home to the incredible Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, home to the famous Birds in Art exhibit. It shouldn’t then come as a surprise that Wausau is also a top destination for bird watching.  Wausau is home to a wide range of protected habitats, which makes it an exciting destination for bird watching year-round. Book your room at our luxury Boutique Hotel, and enjoy a peaceful day or weekend spent birding around Wausau, Wisconsin.

The Best Bird Watching Locations

The Wausau area is filled with a combination of heavily wooded forests, expansive and protected marshes, river banks, and lakes; all the perfect habitats for birds to occupy.  There are many wonderful places for bird watching in the Wausau area, including right downtown on the river, but here are some of the best places for bird watching in Wausau:

Of these parks, the George W. Mead Wildlife Refuge is by far the best bird watching location in Marathon County, and rivaling any other in the state of Wisconsin, including the Horicon Marsh. The diversity of habitat and the size of the property makes the Mead Wildlife Area a prime spot to view a diverse population of birds. Their bird checklist currently include 248 different species of birds that can be found there at one time or another. Another incredible popular place in Wausau itself is Bluegill Bay Park. The park houses 68 acres, and is located along the Wisconsin river, offering access to water, forest, and marsh habitat.

Of course, when visiting Wausau bird enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a chance to explore the Woodson Art Museum.  They have some incredible current exhibits related to birds, and of course, in September, feature the annual Birds in Art exhibit.

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