The Red Chair Comes to Wausau

The Red Chair is here, and you need to come and and see it at the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel!

Red Chair Travels to WausauYou may be asking yourself, “what is the Red Chair, and why should I come see it?”  Well, it’s simple.  The Red Chair is but a humble symbol, one that carries with it the essence of wanderlust; the spirit that inspires all travel and adventure.  The chair journeys across America, where it is hosted by Innkeepers around the country. Book your stay at the Stewart Inn’s boutique hotel from April 14-18, and you could be a part of the chair’s journey.

The Traveling Red Chair

The Red Chair has been travelling the U.S. for six wonderful years now.  It’s first stop in 2017 was the Phipps Inn in Hudson, Wisconsin.  The Stewart Inn is the 2nd stop along the chair’s journey this year–although after getting a taste of the luxury at the Stewart Inn, we’re not sure it will want to move Red Chair Travels in Wausau, Wisconsinon to its mysterious third destination any time soon.

At each destination, the Red Chair is introduced to it’s spectacular host town, and all of the memorable things there are to enjoy at each destination.  Each Innkeeper serves as something of a concierge for the chair, making sure it enjoys all the finer things Wausau has to offer, as well as plenty of rest and relaxation.  At the Stewart Inn, you can expect the Red Chair to enjoy the very same hospitality you expect for yourself from Wausau’s premiere boutique hotel.

April is always an exciting time in Wausau.  The sun is out for more hours of the day, the air feels warmer, and outdoor enthusiasts are descending upon Wausau to experience it’s incredible range of activities.  In addition to that, guests visiting us at the Stewart Inn will enjoy savings of up to $60 per night on our April Weekend Rates. There really is no better time to visit.  Book your room at our boutique hotel in Wausau today!