International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival in Wausau

International Ginseng Festival in Wausau, WisconsinDid you know that Wisconsin Ginseng is a highly prized commodity among Chinese citizens? Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, but it wasn’t cultivated in the U.S., and specifically in Wisconsin, until the early 1900’s. This incredibly popular herb is celebrated in Wausau each year during the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival. The international fest also will highlight diverse cultures in central Wisconsin and feature performances by local Native American and Hmong groups. The festival weekend is certainly going to be an exciting and educational time to be in Wausau.  Book your room at the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel today.

Ginseng in Wisconsin

Ginseng was first cultivated in Wisconsin in the early 1900’s by the Fromm Brothers, who used the valuable crop to pay for their growing silver fox and fur industry.  They were successful, and as their business grew, so too did the farming of ginseng. North Central Wisconsin’s cool climate supports the plant and provides optimum growing conditions. The soil and the climate make central Wisconsin one of the world’s best places to produce the root, which must grow for four years before harvest. Interestingly enough, once ginseng has been harvested from a particular field, that field can never again be planted with the root. It’s estimated that ginseng brings in around $20 million in revenue to Wisconsin each year.

International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival

International Ginseng Festival in Wausau, WisconsinThe 2018 International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival will take place September 14 – 16, 2018 in the popular 400 block of downtown Wausau. The festival is a celebration of Wisconsin’s ginseng crop, which represents about 95% of the total ginseng grown in the U.S. Ginseng will be featured in a variety of ways throughout the festival. Local breweries like Bull Falls Brewery will offer special ginseng brews, and local restaurants, including Polito’s Pizza, will create a variety of special dishes that highlight this herb. In addition to food and drink, you can expect to find vendors with ginseng capsules, tea, lotion and lip balm, ginseng ice cream, and so much more. The Ginseng Festival is expected to draw in a large number of chinese visitors and guests from all over the world

You may not realize it, but a majority of Americans of Hmong descent live in the Midwest. Marathon County alone is home to an estimated 7,500 Asian citizens, many of which are of Hmong descent. This multi-faceted and international event seeks to celebrate the region’s multicultural aspects, as the Hmong and Native American communities have significant influences on ginseng production. By working closely with the Native American liaison as well as the local Hmong American Center, the festival will incorporate elements such as traditional dance, foods, and the history of ginseng within their cultures.

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