Go Fat Tire Biking in Wausau

Fat Tire Biking in WausauWausau is a top-rated mountain biking destination during the spring, summer, and fall months.  So we had to ask ourselves; why not during the winter?  Instead of dreading the cold, dreary winter months when bikes are typically set aside, to be stored away for sunnier days, Wausau locals now look forward to winter cycling.  Fat tire biking is one of the latest outdoor adventure crazes to hit the winter scene, and it’s transforming the often cold and dreary winters that are so familiar in Wisconsin. Whether you want to hit urban trails, race down groomed singletrack trails, or head downhill at the local ski hills, fat tire biking is something you really should try this winter.  Book your room at our Boutique luxury hotel in Wausau today, and get ready for an exciting adventure ahead.

Why Fat Tire Biking?

The rugged city of Wausau is always pioneering new ways to get outside for a little fun and adventure.  That doesn’t stop during the winter.  So where, exactly, does one go fat tire biking?  Well, as with most things in Wausau, your options are plentiful.  If you’ve never tried this fun winter sport before, we recommend taking a tour.

Fat Tire Biking in WausauIf you already have the equipment or know-how to go fat tire biking, then you’ll want to hit Wausau’s top trails. According to knowledgeable locals, the top places to hit during the winter are also quite popular throughout the rest of the year:

  • Sunny Vale County Park has groomed trails that feature dips, turns, and plenty of winter scenery along the way.  This 7 mile trail will also be featured during the Badger State Winter Games this year.
  • The Big Eau Pleine Park is a 1,450 acre park, which offers 8 miles of incredible singletrack trails for the fat tire biking enthusiast.
  • Greenwood Hills Country Club, which was one of the first multi-use trails in Wausau, offers both cross country skiing and fat bike trails, which weave throughout the golf course property with differing levels of difficulty and length.  There is a $25 fee for riding through the golf course.
  • Prairie Dells is a beautiful place to get outside and enjoy Wisconsin’s scenery, while getting some exercise.

After a long day on the trails, we know you’ll be ready to warm up and relax when you’re done. Come back to the luxurious accommodations at our boutique hotel, where your comfort is our top priority. We’re close to downtown Wausau, too, so it’s easy to grab a beer and relax at one of our local breweries, followed by a delicious dinner at one of our top restaurants before retiring for the night. The winter months in Wausau are just heating up. Make your reservation at our luxurious Inn today!