Wausau Whitewater Events in 2018

2018 Wausau Whitewater EventsIf you love spending time in the outdoors and taking new adventures, then Wausau is definitely the place for you to be this summer. Wausau, truly one of Wisconsin’s best kept secrets, is an incredible place to spend a few days. Wausau is located on the picturesque Wisconsin River, which lends itself to an unbelievable variety of water sports, including, whitewater kayaking and boating.  In fact, Wausau Whitewater and the rapids around the area are a draw for some of the world’s most elite whitewater athletes and whitewater paddling competitions.  This summer is your perfect opportunity to come experience the waters around Wausau for yourself.  Book your room at the luxury Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel near downtown Wausau.

Whitewater Paddling in Wausau

In Wausau’s early days, the whitewater rapids on the the Wisconsin River serverd as a power source source for regional sawmills.  Today, they still do this, but they’ve become popular for another reason as well: They offer an extreme thrill for adventurous boaters.  There is nothing more exemplary of Wausau as an outdoor destination than the Wausau Whitewater Park. It was built in 1975, and spans a stretch of river equal to the length of approximately 6 football fields.  Paddling through the park depends on seasonal water levels and the release of water from upstream dams, but at its best it produces Class II to III whitewater rapids.

Events at Wausau Whitewater Park

World Class athletes descend on Wausau each year for whitewater competitions, some of which are even part of qualifications for Olympic athletes.  Upcoming events include the following:

Even if you aren’t into paddling these wild rivers yourself, watching people come through Wausau Whitewater Park is a spectacular spectator sport as well. Wausau Whitewater Park is located in the heart of downtown, which means it’s easy to get to from the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel. After you’ve exhausted your arms and body paddling at the park, it’s just as easy to take advantage of the many delicious restaurants and evening entertainment before retiring to our Inn as well.  The luxurious accommodations at the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel will ensure you are well rested and fueled up for your next days’ adventure, too.  Rooms will book up quickly this summer, so make your reservations today!