• intermediate level


    SHOULDERS AND TRAPS When doing shoulders. Always Hit your main overhead presses first. I suggest rotating between standing overhead barbell press, seated dumbbell press, and seated military press every 3 weeks. After you hit 4 sets of overhead presses 8-10 reps. You then focus on your weak points first. Unless you have perfect shoulders, chances are you need to work on one part of your shoulders more than the others. Do not get caught up in doing the same amount of reps/sets for each part of your delts. Otherwise you will never even yourself out and never really get that proportioned sculpted look like you want.Focus on your shoulders weak point. So if you lack rear delts… Hit rear delts first for 6 sets heavy, around 6-8 reps. Then go from there. Hit front and side delts , 10-12 reps for 4 sets each. In only about 6 weeks you should really start seeing a difference. Now traps… which I believe are the most important muscle ever! Always make sure to hit them hard. They are the muscle group that really changes your profile. I like to hit them on my shoulder day. I start with barbell shrugs, 5 sets of 6 reps as heavy as I can go. Then I will go over to the dumbbell rack and hit 3 sets of 50 with a moderate weight to burn them out. Don’t be afraid to also hit them on back day, maybe just a few sets of heavy dumbbell shrugs at the end of your workout.

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